KanaFany Original Sweets has expanded our concept in every way: Our Menu, Our Store Build, The target markets. But what has remained the same?

KanaFany takes pride in ensuring that all our branches provide the Freshest, premium ingredients, the authentic Arabian sweet recipes, the old word charm and hospitality which has been repack-aged into an upscale sweet shop

`All Kanafany Original SweetsTM Food Must be Cooked to Order'

When the customer orders their KunaFa, Baklava or Maamoul we then proceed to cook their order, this ensures that the customer gets the 'Hottest', 'Freshest' and 'Tastiest' home style kunafa's they can purchase From our restaurant's

We do not practice to mass prepare our kunaFa, Baklava & Maamoul. Because we wanted all products be served as ordered.

We Feel that we would be honored to take the so called "Taste Challenge" with our Kunafa, Baklava & Maamoul against any of our competitors in the market place.

Al Kanafany Original Sweets by L.THEME