Kanafany'"' Original Sweet was established on April 2008, due to the gratitude of the proprietor Mr. Mohammad Hussain AL Amar AL-Dossary with the Arabic traditional sweets, in which at the moment is virtually & almost forgotten by several Arab individuals, particularly in the Gulf Regions. The owner believe's that creating stores that offer freshly cooked superior and home-style made to order Kunafa, Baklava & Maamoul will carry back the customs & tradition and preserve it flour-ishing from generation to generation.

The proprietor who is also behind the triumph of Kanafany Original Sweets is expecting that Kanafany Original Sweets concept will also be a 'Saudi Success Story' in its own rights. Wherein the menu and designs will develop and continue to charm not only Arabs that forgot-ten the sweets, but as well as other nationality that will assuredly adore the traditional Arabic sweets once they taste it.

Today we have presently 76 stores positioned advantageously in the kingdom and all of GCC Countries, to accommodate the demands of people that have no time to arrange these traditional sweets that they frequently missed.

Al Kanafany Original Sweets by L.THEME